there are too many agenda items for the regular

As announced yesterday, there are too many agenda items for the regular general meeting.
There was a meeting to get your opinion in advance.
The people who attended yesterday were the president, the secretary, the plural, and the silver.She’s not here.Poor thing!), Young-hwan, Min-yeon, Kyung-mi, Jung-min, and many other people attended and discussed various issues seriously.
We gathered at a pork belly restaurant called the truce line, and the chairman paid a lot for the drinks that came out of it.And then you go in on night duty…I’m thrilled… I’m thrilled again.(Sniffling) (I didn’t know being a president is so hard.)(Giggles) (Giggles)
The plural kept on holding up the glass because he didn’t drink.You said you don’t want to drink, but you made me drink with a high level of tactics. So you’re going to go go to go for the 2nd round.Please take care of yourself
What was the name of the second round?I’m drinking at a chicken restaurant, and Jung-hee, who said she’s going to have a farewell dinner with Yong-chan’s brother, appears secretly.
I’m going to start talking about my brother-in-law’s past encounter again, but his face is weird.I think my feeling was that I had a fight when I got home.
Anyway, yesterday was a fun day, and everyone was worried about POWER UP.
In the future, we had no doubt that the road to Changchang-daero would open.

came home early today because I was not

You can’t enter your room except you.
I’ll separate them into grades from today.

For Sunday school, the teachers
Don’t feel any pressure about anything.
Please discuss it.

Criticism is good, too.
Healthy criticism is what makes the world.
It’s like lubricant.

If there’s no criticism, maybe there’s no criticism.
You may not be able to see the beams in your eyes.

And it’s all the better.
It’s like a drip that gives you a little bit of power.

with a cool drink after sweating
It can soothe the tiredness of the body.

Team leaders from all teams
Especially, it’s hard to leave the Internet.

From now on, through the Internet,
There will be important activities to exchange information with each other.

All the teachers are…
You can’t neglect the cafe anymore.

Also, this cafe has a lot of information.
You can take responsibility for your leisure.
To become a qualitative cafe

useful for both adults and children
To be a space for companionship
The Internet team will expand a lot of data.

I ask for your cooperation.

I went to Eumseong Flower Village for a day last week.
It’s a short one-night, two-day experience, but in its own way.
It made me feel a lot.

I went to work as a group, but…)
On the last day, we had a discussion about volunteer work.
I did, but everyone felt different.

The person in front of me gave a presentation about what you’re doing well.
In my case, I made a critical statement.

the handicapped, the mentally ill, the elderly, the homeless, the homeless, the mentally and physically handicapped,
Children with disabilities. Most people are like this.
The meals of these patients provide porridge or rice.
Of course, there are many patients who can eat.

But the food that many of those volunteers eat,
It’s so luxurious.
The person who makes the side dish is also a volunteer.
Even if they eat less or less for a day, the volunteers will be able to eat more.
I thought I’d be happy to accept it.
The meal that the volunteers ate was amazing.
It felt like a meal at a hotel (two to three Mugunghwa).
If I could save a little more, I could do a bigger job.
I was a little disappointed.

Next, I’ll donate about 1,000 won a month to Kkotdongne.
I send letters every month from Kkotdongne to my people.
The person who put the envelope on us went to serve us.
You have to put it on, because there are so many people.

If you want to send a letter, I think if you want to send a stamp,
I think it will be over 1,000 won.It’s a very high quality species, and it’s printed.
Color… envelope in color…I think the waste is too much.
It’s more like a deficit for a person who makes a donation of 1,000 won.
It’s better not to donate 1,000 won.
It was like helping Kkotdongne.
I think we can send it once every three months by postcard.
You can save, you don’t have to put an envelope.Whew…

And that’s how much more you’ve saved for your patients and your staff’s.
I think it would be better to help.

It’s just my idea.

But the founder, Father Oh Woong-jin…Choi Gwi-dong, a beggar.
I think he’s a great volunteer.

I’m going to put it up again.
Even if you have transferred your account, I think you’ll have to re-report the increase.
Please check with your bank again.

Chairman Dong-saeng posted a notice.

I’m Song Joo-young, the new president of the alumni association for a year.
Please take good care of me from now on.

Today’s year-end party will be over at 8:30 p.m. and at 9 p.m.
Fourteen of my classmates attended, including Myung Yeop who joined.

At the end of the heated debate between my classmates, there are some changes in the new year.
I’ll put it on the site for now, and I’ll tell you who didn’t make it.
I’ll get it back on the phone.

– Decisions-
First: The membership fee has been raised to 20,000 won per month (all of us have decided to transfer money).
To increase the amount to be paid in the current alumni association in case of activation of the alumni association and Aekyungsa Temple
The decision was made in favor of all 14 people who attended the meeting, and Yun Jin Dong-saeng from the next room.
She also raised her hand to help me make the decision.

Second:Some will be fully supported for four cohabitation sessions and some 100,000 won for one.
In June and December, the Easterners’ get-together will be fully funded by membership fees.
100,000 won each will be supported by the same student membership fee in March and September.

Third: The funding has doubled for the love life of my fellow students.
It’s a natural result of the increase in monthly fees.
In the meantime, they have provided monthly membership fees for the big-time exam.

I’m sure all those who didn’t attend will agree with the decision.
Next time, I’ll set a date for the company dinner in March and let you know.

Inform those who are not present about the burden on the household unintentionally.
I’m sorry it happened.

Note: Account number 346-04-760414 (Handolhoe) Choheung Bank (Yoon Dong-seop is managing the membership fees)

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