the head of Asgard’s development team

Hello, I’m the head of Asgard’s development team.
It’s been a while since I said hello through the page.

With your unwavering interest and love, Asgard in 2003
We were able to make steady progress.

In 2004, we will try to repay your support and improve ourselves.
Therefore, I would like to introduce the development direction of Asgard in 2004 in advance.

!! Patch & Update !!
1) In January 2004, the opening and balancing of Part1 of Ice Strawing,
An ice patch is scheduled to be added with related items and skills/spells.

2) In the spring of 2004, the addition of the new village, Masai,
There will be a patch that will greatly upgrade the guardian animal system.

3) In the summer of 2004, ice frosting PART2 is added.
An ice castle bosmonster will emerge. long-awaited
The implementation of good and evil levels will be implemented together during the first half of the year.
We will proceed to complement the pre-communist system.

4) In the second half of 2004, the New World, the ultimate goal of implementing good and evil levels,
It will be added. This will decide which god to serve with the choice of good and evil.
You are entitled to counter the Divine system of being a relative force.
That’s why Asgard’s slogan, “The Epic of a True Hero Challenges the realm of God.”
We’re preparing you to experience it.

The content I introduced above is representative of the contents.
Details and balance, items, supplementation of existing systems, etc.
It will continue to be carried out together and be updated.
Please keep an eye on us.

!! Service & Operations Improvement !!
1) Excellent Reporter Reward Policy- Various errors that are corrected due to your tip-off
Despite the improvements, there wasn’t enough policy to repay them.
Therefore, to the users who prepare detailed policies and give good reports,
We are going to implement a reward policy that provides reasonable compensation.

2) Strengthening the operator’s response – by disclosing irregular or limited answers so far
Provide the operator’s response once a day.
Added your questions to the page where you can read the previous answers
I will try to release it as much as I can.

3) Promoting a Meeting with Users-In the first half of the year, I met with the users in person to discuss Asgard.
We’re going to have a discussion and a discussion session to discuss the future direction.
We’ll arrange a meeting to accommodate your opinions.

In addition, whenever there is a detailed policy, it is prepared and implemented.
We’re going to try to get as close to you as possible, to build a vibrant operating system.
I will do that

By the time we’re wrapping up 2004, we’re going to be able to get a fair evaluation from you.
To build Asgard, our Asgard team will do its best this year.
I’ll try.

I hope you will look forward to Asgard in the future.
We’ll be playing a game.

I want you to do everything you want to do.
I hope you have a fruitful year in 2004.

I hope you are always healthy and

Looking at the club juniors…
What is a life full of passion all of a sudden? That’s what I thought.
I’m not proud that I live so passionately, so I have to say this.
Not much, but…I just think about this and that.

Let’s work hard or let’s do well…
Those stories, perhaps, come out of my mouth and spread out into the sky.
I think it’s disappearing.

When you decide on an issue or something and push it…its power
I don’t know if there’s anything I can do if there’s someone who can.


The reason I started talking about this topic is that I went to school with Hachul a while ago.
This is what I thought while talking about this and that.
Of course, I didn’t talk about it, but I almost passed on my one-sided thoughts.
I feel a little sorry for Ha-chul. (laughs) I don’t think it’s a good habit to do that.
You must have heard it.)

Anyway, I can’t help but wonder how many juniors, including Ha-chul, are thinking about Ha-banmer.
I was a big help. Of course, they don’t think they’re many people.
I don’t know, but there are people who think and discuss and worry.
I think the appearance itself is important. Through that discussion and discussion, we’re going to be able to do something.
I think it’s as much as I can find a little more advanced.

The size of our club, called Harbanmer, is not that big compared to other schools.
Just because it doesn’t contain that much content… And just because there are too few people…
You never have to be discouraged or have the right to do something big.
I don’t think so. Show as much as we know and as much as we’ve tried.
I think it’s the way he talks.

As a department club in university, the most important thing we should have first is how
I think it’s an amateur way of thinking, thinking and possibility.
Because we are amateurs, we are people who can try and act anything.
We’re amateurs, so we can’t try again.
It’s a bittersweet feeling, but I can drink a soju and shake it off.

If you become a professional and run in the spirit of a professional, it could be a long way off.
I think so. They’re ahead of me, but I…No, we’re not.
I’m sure there’s something ahead of you that’s going to stand in the center and think about it.
What can I get from here? Or what can we do?

My juniors… …just once. I know it’s hard to break.New
We’ll be able to come up with another way. If you don’t try it once, then what else?
Can we do it? I’ll think about it. I tried, and then I went further.
Next time, let’s try to do something and then do something.

I think I can do it. Because we are students.Oh, I’m not.
Have a good time.We had a good fight.I’m happy to go ahead with the project.While drawing…
Think about it in a fun way… …like that… …with passion… …if you live… …

P.S. I don’t think there’s that much I can do…I’m so sorry.
I feel like I’m getting hit by my work like a bunch of graduates.
I’m so sorry that I couldn’t pay much attention to you.But I will show you who I am.
Like a senior who graduated from Havana and went into imposing figure of a senior
And the image of raising another little harbanamer child… …who changes the world again.
He’s a senior who lives the life of a proud educational worker who nurtures and creates such a person.
I’ll show you…

그다음에 퀴늘봅습니다 지켜봐요

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