came home early today because I was not

I came home early today because I was not feeling well.

Please understand if your back hurts mercilessly and you had a bad attitude.

Actually, I wasn’t feeling well, so I was wondering if I should go or not, but…

It was good.

It wasn’t a lip service comment, but it was really good.It’s exciting and…
He may have been sick, but he didn’t look so good.

This is the first time I’ve ever studied the Bible.

It’s just a fresh, fresh review. 느낀 느낀I personally feel,

there are too many agenda items for the regular

I know this meeting has been going on for quite a while.
I think people who came out regularly are amazing.
I don’t mean anything bad.Haha
I’m not saying it’s been a long time.
I think studying the Bible of this kind of personality can only take a long time.
It’s not like you’re choosing a chapter in a textbook.
(Of course I do have a Bible.)
They’re not people who have been religious in one church.
And the pastor’s style.
If you explain “what,” why “what” becomes “what,” then “what” in “what” and “something.”It’s getting longer and…
Out of the blue? If I ask you another question…
And when you explain the question, you turn off the description of “what” and “what”…
It seems like time is going by.

Time goes by when it’s fun, even if it’s long.
You know, when you play games…

The story was interesting, but…
Why are we having this exhausting discussion?
I enjoyed your curiosity.
It was fun to observe the tendency of the people who gathered.

I don’t think it’s a big deal to take seriously.
He’s been thinking about it a lot

It looks like you know it.
I’ve learned it, and I’ve seen it from the common sense
In some ways, I don’t understand.
Well, maybe from a different angle. I think so, too.
It was refreshing to see the Bible on the other side.

When you admit that a small error can cause a big mistake…
I think it’s important to establish even the smallest things.
If missionary work is sharing, then people have an influence on relationships.
You know, a meeting’s an exchange of wounds.
Well, what you’re doing right now is…
It may seem futile, but it’s important.

Why do people keep coming to meetings?
You said you had a long time to study the Bible.
Maybe he’s enjoying it.
Is it because we’re close?
Does the church always get comforted because they are bullied?
I don’t know yet, but…

For the above reasons…
I think it’s meaningful…

I want to keep going for one reason or another.

On Monday, the 22nd, at Debbie Wim Castle, the road warriors gathered to set up their own rules on the square castle.

Once again, thank you to all the Gilma who have attended.

Other Pigs Otto was also been mentioned

Due to the lack of time, we will only discuss the square castle.

There’s too many names for her and her guild.

I’m not going to list them all here.

I’m sure some of you couldn’t make it because you were busy.

Those of you who couldn’t make it would be embarrassing and upsetting, but it was decided by an overwhelming majority.

We ask you to join us, but below that is the decision and the rule.

We’ll upload to the 15th page on the flip-flop. We’ll post it for several days on the 7th sub.

The new rules are considered to require a period of publicity.

I would like to inform you that it will take effect next Tuesday after Seoda.


(Rules for Square and Castle)

1. Square: Up to two teams are required to understand the square.

2.1 and 2 : 1st place team means 1 o’clock direction 2nd place team is 11th direction (selection of seats takes precedence over 1st place team)

3. Number of party members: 1st team, 2nd team, only if there are more than 3 party members (two members not accepted)
Number of people doesn’t matter if 1st team is excused

4. Square Macro: Macro characters must enter the square. No first-rate recognition is allowed when entering the square.
No response to Kerrick’s first-come-first-served caric more than five times is recognized as a first-served caric.
(Five times means a bit of time to spare.)
Ten minutes before the plaza entrance, three or more people are recognized as the simultaneous Macrosy 1st full group.
A one-person character, which is considered to be a loss of all validity in a two-team full-wave advertisement 사항

5.Mecro content: 1st team (one team) Full team (two teams) Full team.
Please use materials for typing or forcing me to use them.


1.Castle: With the parts that need to break the stone statue and the many pieces of writing, such as the narrow space on the legs, etc.
Only one team can enter.

2.Mecro: Only accepted when entering the Castle
No response from the ear to ear more than five times in the Mechro character is recognized as the first step.
(Means a little time margin, not just a number five times)

* Square Castle applies to all 1234 Square 123456 Castle.

If you have any evidence (screenshot) for users who violate the rules after next Tuesday (30th).
We will inform you that the joint financial resources have been applied.
I would like to inform you that if there is a guild registered, only the user who violated the guild will be registered.

Korean is different and different.
It depends on the person who interprets it in Korean.

I don’t think there can be a rule that doesn’t have a lot of dust.
The revised part can also cause loopholes and problems.

But we’re doing it to create a more fair and unwarranted rule than ever before.
a warm heart to admit one’s faults and to cover others’s mistakes
If you let go of your greed a little by little with your neat manners,
I think it can be a ramubbup that can compete in good faith.

(I will correct if you point out that there may be some missing parts as I organize them all by myself.)

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