Ancient Greece in the past And in the early civilization

1. Surprise type

It’s literally a surprise…
For example, a man and a woman are sitting on a bench.

There will be times when the conversation suddenly stops…It may be awkward at this time, but this is an opportunity…

Let’s scream like we’re scared.

Man: “Wow~ Let’s go to the sky~””

Success Rate:[99.9]

Advantages: 1. Very High Success Rate

2. It can change the mood.

Disadvantages: 1. The angle is out of place, so you can only do it on the cheek.

2. be childish
3. You can only use it once.

4. How can we overcome the sullenness…

5. If you use it on a woman you’re not close to, you’ll be treated as a lunatic.

2. Let’s do it or not?

Just light-heartedly opens her heart…

Man: “Hey, do you want to kiss me?”

I like it when a woman says okay, but most of the time…
Woman: “Are you crazy?”

Man: “Haha… I’m just kidding.Just kidding…”
A few days later…
Man: “Hey! Do you want to kiss me?”

Woman: “Wow, you’re kidding again, right?”
Man: “No, I’m serious.”

Woman: “Huh? Are you serious? You… kiss…
Man: “Hahaha, I’m just kidding. Are you kidding? Your face turned red.”
Woman: –;

A few more days later…
Man: “Hey, do you want to kiss me?”

Woman: “Wow, are you going to joke again?”
Man: “Oh! Did you notice that? Hahahaha.”
Woman: –;

A few more days later…
Man: “Hey, do you want to kiss me?”

Woman: “Yeah… do it.”
Man: “Hey! You have to close your eyes and stick out your lips to kiss…”

Woman: (Do as you are told without thinking.) I thought it was a joke.
Hmm… I won’t miss this moment…

She gently kisses her lips with or without people around her.
success rate [40]

Advantages: 1. There is no embarrassment to be rejected when kissing.
2. I can get a glimpse of her mind.

Disadvantages: 1. Low success rate and time-consuming
2. It’s going to keep making fun of me.

You can die without a single kiss.
3. This is also childish and can only be used once.

3.Standard type
Most kiss methods…
It’s getting dark and she and I are sitting on a park bench and talking.

I’m out of words, and I’m old enough to talk.

And then the atmosphere rises and the two kisses…
Oh, it’s like a third-rate movie.

4.Tough type
A simple, ignorant way…
A man and a woman drive in a car…

He’s got a sudden acceleration where there’s no traffic jam.
Man: (Laughing once)

Hey! Let’s kiss! If you don’t, I’ll take it to the truck.~”
Success Rate [0.000000000001]

Advantages: 1. Dominate women as an atmosphere of fear –;;
Disadvantages: 1. Being treated as a lunatic and being isolated from society

2. If a woman says, “Hey, sh-beol. Take it. Take it.
What would you do if you did? I’m not done with the installment yet. –;;

5.Game type
Game kiss…
It is also called the double kiss method.

We played games, we kissed…
First, take her to the arcade and let her sit at Buffa 3.

Kindly put the coin in and whisper it gently in your ear…
Man: “Hey! If I win, you kiss me.

If you win, I kiss you!” –;
Woman: “Never change the order.” –;

Advantages: 1. Playing games and kissing…
2. I feel good when I lose, I feel good when I win…

Disadvantages: 1. What if it’s a tie? –;;

6. Over Action Type
When I’m with her, I always talk over my head…

Let’s say her name is Choi Soo-young.

Man: (Raise your collar, fill your shoulders with heels, and your voice is very low, and today is a good day.

Like a big brother. You see the sun up there?
Woman: “Phew… It looks like…”

Man: “Ah… The beautiful sun. The sun in the blue sky is our
It’s burning like love, and it’s like a floating cloud next to it.

You’re blessing our love.The world is beautiful.”
Woman: (Hmmm.)
Woman: “No~~”

Man: “Oh, my god. Our love is as hot as the sun in the sky…”
Woman: “Okay… Okay… I’ll kiss you. Keep your eyes closed.”

Man: (She gently kissed me on the lips……)
Success Rate [10]
Advantages: 1. Love expression is bold.

Disadvantages: 1. Can a person with a thin voice do it?
2. You have to put a steel plate on your face.

3. Who would like this kind of man…
(I would kick…) –;

4. If a woman’s personality is calm, she will not succeed…

7. Indirect kissing type
There is someone who is too timid to see her face…

Whenever I see her, my face turns red and I sweat a lot…
But don’t worry too much.

There’s an indirect kiss for someone like that.
I’m walking around with her…

She secretly swapped her canned coke, straws, and cigarettes.
savor her lips…

The exhilarating feeling of holding the canola still in her mouth…
I already succeeded in kissing you indirectly.

Now let’s switch the glasses she used to drink at a drinking party…

Let’s put our lips together on a glass with clear lipstick marks and turn the beer over.
The beer you drink while savoring your lipstick. It tastes twice as good.

If no one’s watching, let’s smell it.
And let’s pick up her favorite items and carry them every day.

It will feel like she’s always around.

Hyungsun, you’re angry because you don’t understand.

I’m not trying to persuade anyone.

I get so angry when I hear it in a state of true acceptance.

No… what you’re thinking of in your mind.

I’m not compatible with something, and that’s what I felt in the past.

You don’t pay for it. scientists studying the origin of the universe

the space and time before the Big Bang, and the black hole

I understand that there is no concept of space and time in the White Hall.

It’s science, it’s religious, and it’s not about the opposite.

No, it’s about completing. (Compliments: Mutual Assistance… They’re at odds with each other.

It’s not about developing each other. tectonic

Science and religion aren’t one thing.

Ancient Greece in the past. And in the early civilization, science and religion are the most important things.

It wasn’t separated. In theology, all science began.

And these days, science and religion are too separate.

Uh, now… It is necessary to combine science and religion.

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