This letter is a domestic letter for Korean Americans

2.Explain how to do it (Make sure you do it in order). It’s kind of a contract.
1) Look at the list of six mailing lists below and each of them has a single 1,000 won written in the bank account.
Deposit money to 6 people.” (Telebanking does not require a fee)
2) Then, the email address on the list, “Please put me on the mailing list,” to each of the six people.
Send an email.

If you do that, they will send you to the mailing list because they received the money.

*Run RULE1: Importantly, you must send 1,000 won each to the six lists.
That’s how we become a financial organization of one legitimate Internet E-mail.

3) A very important task remains. It’s meaningless if this work is not done at the same time.
It’s the way you put up an advertising letter to others like this one.

But don’t worry. It’s simpler than I thought.
You need to send about 1,500 copies to get the amount you want.

There are three ways to send mail:
A) General mail
(Use the method of printing documents and sending them by letter.)
B) E-mail method through the Internet or communication (using this method is a separate method of payment.
I don’t lift it. )
C) How to post a message on a bulletin board (this method can be sent at random without the cost of postage).
It has characteristics.)
The way I usually use it is Chollian, Haitel, Nownuri and BBS.
Or send a letter to the flyer… People I don’t know [the bulletin board, the archives, or…]
I wrote a letter to 1,500 people who made a list of IDs by looking at the waiters coming into the waiting room.
Edit and send it.
— One thing to keep in mind at this point is how to write a mailing list in your letter.

*Run RULE2: The first of the six people on the mailing list at the bottom is erased and the number is one by one.
You can pull and write down your address and name at the end.
(i.e. number 1 disappears, number 2 goes to number 1, 3, number 4 goes to number 3, number 5 goes to number 4, number 6 goes to number 5, and at the end,
You’ll be number six. Please send an email to this changed letter.
Only then will the people who received your letter send you the money. At this point (one up)
After pulling) Never change the order of names and addresses of 5 people except yourself.)
The more emails you send, the better, right? That’s how much money I’ll make.

***You must follow these rules. It’s kind of a contract.
If you break it, it’ll be useless, and you’ll lose your legal effect.
(There is an average response rate of 1-3%.)

1) If you send 1,500 letters, about 15 people will send 1,000 won. —>15,000 won

2) If those 15 people send 1,500 letters each, 225 people send you 1,000 won each.
—> 225,000 won
3) When 225 people send 1,500 letters each, 3375 people send you 1,000 won each.
—> 3,375,000 won
4) Those 3,375 people send 1,500 letters each, and 50625 people send you 1,000 won each.
—> 50,625,000 won
5) When 50,625 people each send 1,500 letters, 759,375 people send you 1,000 won each.
—> 759,375,000 won
6) At this point, your list disappears from your letter.” (Your list goes up more and more.
But if you add all the money up there, you get about 810 million won.
Isn’t it amazing?
This certainly works. But how many letters do you have?
It depends on whether you send it. If you send 3000 instead of 1500, you get about 2.4 billion won.
You have to send at least 1,500 letters so that in three months you can get about 800 million guarantee.
(So the more letters you send, the better.))
Of course, there is no absolute damage.
This item is a sure program that can make a lot of money exactly. Correct this simple item
If you do, you can earn about 800 million won at least three months later.

3. Speaking by party
As a Korean citizen, I made a lot of money using this program on the Internet.two weeks
After I sent you an e-mail during the period, I saw a definite result after a month later.
As far as I know, it is used by some of our country’s) in our country.
I boldly translate it into Korean and inform you of this system.
You can use it on the Internet as it is.

You must send money to six people. Your name is Sarah from the list of letters that you replied to later.
When you get a letter from Jill, you write again with their address and name, and then you write your own name.
We can start over after we use it. And I think this is a little courtesy of this financial organization.
It’s also to make more money.
Sending money to six people is a way to make this financial organization legally legitimate.
It’s necessary. Would it be a problem if I could make 800 million won?
(If I don’t pay, I’ll be caught by law, right?)

*Important POINT: It is recognized as an Internet financial institution because it sent money to six people, and there is no legal problem.
You must deposit the money to the first 6 people before you can start. Otherwise, it’s a crime.
Remember, this is not an illegal act, but a legitimate financial act.

*This service is a 100% joint venture under the U.S. Postal Lottery Act of 18.1302 to 1342.*
In addition, the Korean law firm found out that this is legal without any damage. *

If you send it to 1,500 people, if the answer rate is one percent, those 15 people will write to 1,500 people…
That means 15X15X15X15X15X15=759375 people send 1,000 won each to themselves.
If you go through five times and your name becomes the first and disappears, you earn about 800 million won.
800 million won for 1,500 bottles is about 500,000 won for a bottle.(Of course, it takes about 3 months to wait.)
Anyway, this program’s E-MAIL LIST guarantees incredible returns on the investment of devices.
I invite you.
If you understand the content of this article so far, you will be sure of the possibility.
Honestly, I’m tens of thousands of times more certain than buying a vague lottery ticket.
If you’ve made up your mind, you can carry it out. The sooner we make this decision, the better, right?
This letter is a domestic letter for Korean Americans.

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