which is a unique combination of the Geumgangmun Gate

Do you have a credit card? And have you ever used it to buy something? Have you ever used an Internet shopping mall (Hansolcs, Lotte Shopping, Kyobo Bookstore, etc.)?

Do you know about portal sites, about Internet venture businesses like Goldbank? Do you chat? Do you think half of the country will use the Internet in the next three years?

– Do you think connections (not negative images) are important? Anyone who is negative or has not thought about all these questions will not understand what I’m talking about from now on.

However, just because I’m reading this article, I have a minimal understanding of the Internet, so I’ll explain it now. And I want you to see why he doesn’t study architecture and does things

like that. The Internet is developing day by day, and the population of netizens who are aligned with the development is showing an annual phenomenon. That can be seen from statistics over the

past five years, with the population of netizens reaching 4 million this year, 8 million and 16 million next year, so 32 million, or nearly half of the people, will be Internet users by 2002.

Not just the number of users is increasing like this, but in order to strengthen the technology for it, people who are much more capable than us are still studying day and night, and now they

are in the stabilization stage. You’re probably looking at it with your eyes, too. I’ve been using the Internet since about three years ago, and I’ve seen a lot of information being exchanged

and goods being traded through virtual space. I also try to buy things through internet shopping malls. But you can’t tell anyone who hasn’t tried it before. He didn’t see it with his own

eyes. I can’t believe it. Then let me give you an example. Do you know where the best place in the cable TV market is now? It’s not a paid cartoon channel or a sports channel. It is Samgu

Shopping, channel 39, and LG Home Shopping, channel 45. The two companies ranked fifth and sixth among the top 1,000 companies in the country in terms of sales growth this year. Cable TV,

which specializes only in distribution, is not a huge company with trillions of won in capital. However, cable TV was not popular from the beginning. It’s because it’s not the consumption

pattern that people have been doing so far. People go to the market or department store directly if they need something. Then, I looked around various stores, looked at the price estimates and

the quality of the product, and if there was anything I liked, I had to pay cash to buy it there. But how was it on cable TV? Instead of walking around and looking for households, you just

have to look at the items introduced by the cable TV company at home and remember the number and make a phone call. Then you will receive the product through free delivery and use it. Why did

this convenient way of distribution suffer in the early stages? Some people talk about it in a way that I prefer to see and buy things in person, or I prefer to see and wear them in person.

However, if you look inside, you will not believe anyone unless you see it with your own eyes and touch it. But on the outside, I’m selling my leg stuff and saying that I like to shop with

many people. In order to eliminate such distrust, cable TV will implement a quality guarantee system and a free delivery service. In other words, if you buy something, you bring it free of

charge, try using it, and if you don’t like it, you can call a month ago and the cable TV company will collect the item through free delivery. Through this method, so-called “unmobile women”

gain a good understanding of the quality and price differentiation, and through word-of-mouth, many people use this distribution method to buy things, and once a buyer knows the convenience,

they maintain that pattern of consumption. So let’s take an example of e-commerce. E-commerce also had a lot of trial and error in the early stages. Most of the shopping mall’s payment system

was not working properly, so people had to go back to the bank to make a deposit without a bankbook after buying the product. In other words, the idea of paying before buying something was the

reason why people, especially those who were suspicious, could not buy it. And most of those malls offer free membership in the early stages. (Isn’t that the same everywhere.) There were a lot

of people who were afraid of it because they wanted to chat. He was afraid of invasion of privacy and abuse through personal information leakage.That’s the story from two years ago. Many

people who had such thoughts at that time still exist, so they still see it with doubts and negativity. However, the times have changed and such technical problems are solved. So according to

a recent survey, the probability of personal information leakage when using the Internet is 1 in 1 million. It’s less than the probability of encountering a robber on the street. But people

think it’s possible to say such a small probability. If I go into that probability and lose money, I’ll do it. It’s a story that people who haven’t started. No matter how different times have

changed, people who haven’t done e-commerce themselves are told. Today, I’m going to write here first. Then consider it a shopping mall at Yahoo! Then there will be about 800 sites. About 150

of them are in business, but one of them is Hansol Cs, Lotte Internet shopping mall, Kyobo bookstore. And I’d appreciate it if you could send me some thoughts on this. Don’t think about what

he’s doing without studying architecture, because you’re my precious colleagues and juniors.

Hwaeomsa Temple ◆ The original Hwaeomsa Temple was founded in 544 AD (5th year of King Jinheung of Silla),

and the temple was named after the two letters of Hwaeomsa Sutra. ◆ In 643 AD (12th year of Queen Seondeok),

Doseon was extended by Jajang and in 875 AD (1st year of King Heongang), but in 1606 AD (34th year of King Jojo’s reign of Joseon),

the temple was rebuilt for seven years. ◆ The building’s layout is about 30 degrees north-eastern, passing through the main gate (Jungnam-facing),

you will see the Geumgangmun Gate, which gradually changes the height of the ground to reach the Cheonwangmun Gate, which is a unique combination of the Geumgangmun Gate.

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