profits and formed a sisterhood relationship in various ways

I’m a guardian…I was very pleased to read Heeyong’s writing.Personally, when I

was in school, I formed a small group called “Knot” and performed to help the

marina protection facility, which earned profits and formed a sisterhood

relationship in various ways.Many people I saw at that time can still feel what

comes to mind sometimes in my life…It’s a long way off.I mean, a lot of

awkwardness could have gone away.

Hee-yong says it’s a proud experience.That’s good… college life can leave a lot to

one person, but I think Hee-yong’s experience can be a good opportunity to

broaden his horizons and horizons.

Anyway… that’s good.

How’s your day going? Are you still lonely and lonely? I can’t even share it with

you, and my heart aches. At times like this, you should send me a warm letter,

and I’m sorry for this. But this machine is convenient at this time. I can talk to

you like this.

Don’t be so sad that your name is missing from the address book. There are other

kids out there besides you. Hojun must have been busy. If it’s unfair, you can tell

them to put all your names in the cafe. I’ll pay attention to it next time, so I won’t let you go.

all the people

It’s a sad story of the Führer.

Last Friday, I went to Seoul to meet a uni-food-tech investor and stopped by Lim

Sung-guk’s business.

They called in the flower of Mugwort Women’s University graduate school and

called the invoice. I’m sure you’ve put my words into practice by this good-

natured fsm senior.

There were also Yang Ji-seok, Joo Min-kyu, and Byung-yoon as witnesses.

Invoice, a stern refusal of a beautiful woman’s request to come up on Saturday.

I have no doubt that you are regretting it now.

Oh, why don’t my babies listen to me?????

Jinwoo, do you want to see me die?

Please figure out a way.

Is it Choi Jin-sil or Kim Hee-sun?

I’ll let you meet anyone.

How are you all doing? Hello, I’m Cheon Sangyeon. The weather is very bad these

days, is everyone okay? Be careful not to catch a cold… There are a lot of people

who are taking the GLK exam. Good luck on your exam and fighting! There’s

someone who’s dead. I want to ask you something. Please leave me a message.

Well, 79 years old is even better. You’re all welcome. It’s good for your brother to

graduate there. I ask for your help. This might be the last thing I’ve ever done in

my life. So I ask for your attention… and I hope you have a great day by day after day.

I don’t have any other parts of my face, especially around my eyes.

I don’t know how to explain this. We’ll get together, and we’ll have tiny little

I got it. It’s not itchy.But it doesn’t look good.

So I went to the dermatologist. The doctor said the lumps grow in one tube.

We need to laser treatments, but we’re laser-cutting the lumps on one tube. That’s

why I’m flying again in a few months.

I can’t use the laser deep because I’m afraid I’ll get a scar.

I’m flying again anyway, and I’m paying for laser treatment. Is there no cure in

medicine or herbal medicine? For your information, it’s been a while since this

kind of thing started to happen.

It’s still warm. I love it.

There are more than 20 real-life members, 21…

I didn’t expect this day to come.(Is it too late?)

Anyway, it’s nice to see you all. Let’s do our best!


I’ve been sick lately.

I have a lot of homework, but I don’t want to do it.

That’s a big deal. I can’t get my hands on it. Won.

If you know how to cure this disease, please tell me.

I can’t do anything about it’s just…

And you don’t want to be transmitted to my disease.

I hope you always do your homework and test with joyfully.

I hope so.

The three important things for missionaries are spiritual, physical, and


None of these three are important parts that cannot be ignored.

There are many missionaries who come back from the way with only one

emphasis among the three parts.

The missionary sent from our church returned to Korea after a few months due

to poor health.

It’s you.

Next, we need to recruit well-funded churches and members.

To become a missionary, first of all, you need to understand world mission.

Being a missionary is a big miscalculation if it touches your heart with some

sense of privilege.
You have to go out there and see the missionaries suffer. It’s good to be

But if it’s because of your longing for abroad, you’d better stop being a

And I’m going to look at the books and papers on world missionary work.

We need to fully learn what the history of Gyeseongyo will be like in the future.

This will help a lot in calling as a healthy missionary.

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Also, Koreans have a lot of impulsive parts in God’s

A missionary comes and says mission is absolute, and the highest ground order

is, raise your hand.

I’m making a vow. And then I often see myself tied to it and burdened.

It is possible.

I don’t think I can be a missionary commitment by a moment’s impulse.

Rather, I went through several important procedures and methods to be called as a missionary.

That’s enough.
First, you have to constantly accompany the horse.

This is the first thing to do in the call and fantasy of the Magenians.

‘I have to go, but there’s no way out here or there.Ha.

And you see people looking for you like you’re in a lucky room.

Most importantly, I have to train myself to hear the Lord’s voice through silent

meditation every morning.

I am doing.

The most important thing in the mission is to survive spiritually. spiritually

Because there is no place to supply it. When you go to the mission site, you’ll find

a man who worshiped in Korean

Many people say that they want to give it to you, and that they want you to be

indebted to you.

You have to train yourself to eat spiritual encounters every morning to identify your mission.

It’s you.
Pastors and missionaries can play a role in challenging things, but you can do it

I need to check.

Do I have a missionary’s call?

The most important thing is to accompany the horse. In some cases, two, three

Even if you don’t have a voice like that, you have to keep doing it.


The second is prayer.

If you read the missionary’s classics, you’ll notice that the mission was

successfully lit from the 1800s to the early 1900s.

Those who got caught are those who prayed. In modern times, it’s strange that

I lost my airway. Those of you who have excelled in missionary work are

those who have excelled in prayer.

I prayed so much that I could preach with prayer. A lot of learning, a lot of learning.

We need all the ceremony, but it is prayer that we can burn it down.

I’m not against much knowledge or learning. But we have to burn it with prayer.

I don’t know if anyone else, but if you’re going to go abroad, you’ll hear the Lord’s

I know.

The biography of the missionary shows that you have heard the voice of the Lord through prayer.

It’s you.

The third important thing is the delivery of the environment.

It doesn’t work in a day, but you have to be guided by the environment


God uses the environment as a precious tool.

Jesus said, “Look at the lilies in the field, look at the birds in the air.”

God, who led Tobaul, through the environment and through the call of the

They gave it to me.

The apostle Paul wanted to go to Asia, but the Holy Spirit allowed him to do

missionary work in Europe.

The environment is God’s speaker.

Fourth, we need the help of godly leaders.

Listen to counseling, see what you need, talk to me, contact me in letters, etc.

We need to check what we need and what God’s needs are.

The next five is peace of mind.

There are two kinds of peace of mind.

There is peace through me and peace through the Lord.

The peace of my heart, like Jonah, was cut off by self-interest and underneath the

I sleep comfortably, but this is false peace. The Lord’s peace is beyond.

The enemy may be anxious, but I pray deeply, and every time I go before God,

There is an amazing peace. But when you come outside, you see the pressure and

oppression of the environment.

It can be shaken by these things, but in the end, God organizes the externalities.

He leads us to inner peace.

Sixth is that the Holy Spirit, the subject of mission, will ultimately lead you.
It is.
Usually, you can check God’s call through this process.
After this confirmation, we have to overcome the obstacles.
It’s important to have qualities, but there are many obstacles, and one of them is…
It’s highly educated.
I just graduated from seminary and go to missionary work a lot. But it’s not academic enough.
There are many cases where you just sit down and say you need to learn more.
So what I’d like to recommend is that the academic needs stop at the right level and the primary period.

After graduating from theology for about five years, and having a master’s degree and church experience,
I wish I could go to the local area.
First, you have to remember that it is difficult to become a missionary if you learn a lot.

Then, statistically, assumptions and parents can be a stumbling blockages.
But the Bible says that the dead are buried by the dead, and that you follow me.
If you go out as a missionary who will change the fate of a country, the division will not remain still.
There isn’t.
I throw the most urgent and absolute bait and try to hold it if I can.

Paul, who was tied to a rope, changed Rome’s fate.
The fate of Rome changed the fate of the world.
Then the division can’t stay still. So I’m going to be a missionary.
If you have made up your mind, you will never be mistaken if you think the future will be smooth.
You have to overcome many obstacles that you want to tie up somehow.

Then, theological and missionary studies are needed.
You need to have a lot of field experience.
And then there’s training in the ministry.
First, you have to have a way to do spiritual growth on your own. You’re spiritual, too.

How can you raise others when you can’t grow into them?
If you really want to go out as a missionary, if you want to do a mission, make sure to spiritualize one individual.
We need to make a program to grow maturely with. Meet an unbeliever and be specific.
We need to be able to present the gospel with and help him with it until he’s gone.
Then you have to help the person to the mature stage where they can reproduce.

And then, importantly, the goals of life presented in the Bible are taken as goals of one’s own life.
It’s called Deul.
I mean, is it my greed to be a missionary or God’s call?
Or, if by God’s call and the order of Jesus Christ, I will bow.
You must obey the orders of your adversaries.
But a lot of people try to do what’s good for them, and they don’t want to lose the cross.
It’s you.
If you accept the life of a missionary as mine, there can be no!
There may be no fruit. But Habakkuk 3:16-17 says,

If you consider missionary work as a fruit, what is more important than that is the Lord who saved me.
We need to start training to be contented and delighted, so that we can confidently go out to missionary work.
I can hold on.

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