the capacity to upload is 400KB at a time

Wow, I’ve been away for a while, and a lot of people are here.
Newcomers…Nice to meet you.
And, Jisong…^^
I couldn’t congratulate you on joining the club.
I’ve been… getting ready to move in these days.
I’m busy at work.^^
Cho Kyung-hoon has been working as a wetta…^^
Congratulations on your com…
And when we get together, we’ll schedule a Bach performance, a music schedule, and we’ll have a chance to enjoy it with you.
I want to make it…
This is a place where all the members make Bach cafe together.
Bach music, concerts, music stories, musicians, materials, etc.
I hope it will be a rich and fruitful cafe.

I can be neglected for a while these days, so I want you to fill in the space that I’m lacking.
Cho Kyung-hoon, you’re going to continue with the Wetta…^^
Members can upload the file room, so please post a lot of good music.
(However, the capacity to upload is 400KB at a time, so please refer to it.)) How to upload is the archive
Click on the writing below to enter your content, and click the Add button below.
If you add the file on your computer and click Send, the data will be registered.

Newcomers can listen to Bach songs in real files if you go to the link on the first page of the cafe.
I hope you enjoy it.

What’s driving us into a corner like that rat?
And why do you think we live with that mouse?
Of course, some people would say otherwise, but…

Turn it around.

So, how do we catch rats?
If you look at the article below… Someone who doesn’t know who… You’re a big fan of yours.
I don’t know if he’s… What are you looking at? What kind of faith… You’re… you’re doing something stupid about.
It’s like a rat.
I don’t want you to think that this is a slander against him.
Because I think I’m one of those people who thinks I’m living like a rat.
You’re trying to catch a rat. What scientific method would you use?
The rat that’s talking about here… It could be a biological rat. Maybe not.
Why are you writing such useless things when you’re new?
It’s your job to take care of yourself.

It’s a mousetrap to someone. It’s a rat poison. It could even be a cat. It’s real, but…
You’re not a rat. Is there any reason to shout?

A huge member came to my office and told me that he was going to be in a cafe.
Tell me how to connect to Nownuri pppp.
And the next day, I logged on to Nauruppp.
It’s not connected.
Hey! Did this giant friend tell me a huge lie?
I thought so I called again and asked.
What happened to you?
And then this giant member goes in like this and that.
I did it like that just because I said I would do it.
But it didn’t work.
So I asked him again today.
What do you mean? Why can’t I?
Then, they told me to enter my phone number well.
So I barely came in.
When I came in, I found out that this huge member had already left a trail.
It disappeared.
Now that I’m in and out of the room, I’m not sure if I’m going to
I feel proud.

I’d like to believe that I’ve opened up a whole new world.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Let’s see each other often. The weather is bad.
Pay attention to your health.
Especially the potter’s body isn’t just yours.
(Is it a little cliche-it’s a good thing to say.)
I’ll see you at 7 p.m. tonight.

Various charms?
There’s not a lot of applicants on the application list for the fall of the archives.
Leon is crying and showing motivation (a term used to refer to my baby’s cheeks).
You can go and see Leon’s movements.
Please put your name on the list of applicants.
We have to close the first round within this week and reserve accommodation at Jangtaesan Recreation Forest.
I have to book a train ticket.
As time goes by, we go on a cozy trip together.
Currently, 25 people have applied.
I think we’re gonna have to get over 30.
If you’re not sure whether to go or not, you can sign up first.
It’s… it’s going to be decided.
I firmly believe that you will never regret it.
And if you’re having difficulty with trains, you can come in a good way.
We are gathering directly at Mt. Jangtaesan, so please arrange transportation according to meet the circumstances.
We ask for your participation once again.

Today is Wednesday, the middle of the week.
And it’s the day when Reggio. Su-Jeong has been absent for three consecutive weeks and is nervous about being expelled. I’m going to struggle to get going today.
Oh! Is there anyone who can contact you?
I’m trying to call you home, but I don’t know what time you’re coming in, so I haven’t told you about the pilgrimage yet. I’m going to call you, so everybody call me… I hope we can call each other and see each other on weekdays.
And if you’re going to Reggio today, please tell Regina… Maybe I can’t make it.
By the way, what are we going to do for lunch? It’s not just one or two people. Let me know if you have a good idea.
Isn’t there a good way for us to make our own…? If we could split it up and bring it… I think bulgogi can be supported by membership fees. Please give me a quick reply.

Students and alumni!
We will continue to upload good materials such as Chinese literature, Chinese language, Chinese culture, and other things that will help you. Please use the data room with deep interest. In addition, if you have any good data, anything is fine, so I think it will be helpful for all of us if you post it in the data room. And since it is currently difficult to open a chat room (to be opened soon), please use the list of articles to present your opinions on the development of the department as well as the development of our Chinese speakers. Also, if you send an e-mail to the operator when there is a problem that is difficult to disclose publicly, we will try to solve the problem while guaranteeing the individual’ To send an email, click the envelope on the homepage’s initialization page and write or use the email below. I would like to thank all the members who have signed up so far.

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